Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

Brand & Marketing

In FY21 our marketing strategy continued to focus on four key drivers of growth: brand differentiation, patient acquisition and lifecycle engagement, patient value proposition and marketing effectiveness.

We are proud to see that our marketing strategy is proving effective and in FY21 contributed to a 40% increase in new patients, an increase of 36.6% in domestic stimulated cycles and market share gains of 0.6%.

Brand differentiation

We are incredibly passionate about our new brand positioning and believe we have an important role to play in challenging societal norms in how people think about and behave in relation to their reproductive care.

Through our marketing we are challenging longstanding assumptions, debunking stigmas and normalising infertility by opening up conversation. By encouraging people to take a more proactive, early approach to their reproductive care, we hope to increase their success in starting their families.

Patient acquisition & lifecycle engagement

In FY21 we refreshed our end-to-end channel strategy and communication program, resulting in our new advertising campaign One in Six, our virtual events strategy, new website and improved social media engagement.

Our new advertising campaign and patient acquisition strategies have contributed significantly to our strong FY21 new patient registration results. Our Ready, Set, Baby online content program, social media and virtual fertility retreats also continue to drive strong growth in new patients and our retention rates by offering unrivalled holistic and integrative care and support to new and existing patients.

Marketing Effectiveness

Our robust marketing analytics and knowledge of the patient pipeline has allowed us to continue improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing investment. We continue to see improvements year-on-year in all key marketing metrics.

Patient value proposition

Our best-in-class service proposition means patients receive the best possible knowledge, care and services across their patient journey.

Holistic, integrated care with services across the entire reproductive care journey. So, we’re with our patients every step of the way.

World class fertility experts who leave no stone unturned and are meticulous in tailoring services to individuals’ particular needs.

Over 50 years of experience and over 42,000 babies delivered meaning we are experts even in the trickiest cases.

A true pioneer in scientific advancements in reproductive care with leading success rates that continue to improve year-on-year.

Improving access for all with 125 locations around Australia