Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

Digital Transformation

COVID-19 continues to drastically change how our society functions, with lockdowns and other social restrictions impacting many aspects of our lives, including how our patients can access care.

We have continued to meet these challenges by offering a robust telehealth solution and have also added additional communication channels and services to improve our ability to provide care for our patients. This gives our team more options to deliver the best patient care during these difficult times while still maintaining a secure and stable platform.

We are also continuing our Cloud first digital strategy as we move multiple aspects of our business to Cloud offerings that provide improved functionality and enable our team to focus on delivering the next-generation of Virtual Healthcare Solutions.

These include extending the capabilities and integrations of our mobile patient management platform and a new Electronic Medical Records solution.

We continue to invest in our technology to deliver improved cybersecurity, operational efficiencies and patient care with the focus moving towards the evolution of technology in healthcare. We are investing in data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop new ways to support our clinicians and ensure patients receive the best care.