Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

Doctor Partnerships

12 new doctors joined Monash IVF Group in FY21, contributing to market share growth in our key markets.

Monash IVF attracted 12 new doctors to join our teams in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory through acquisition, as well as through our own internal training programs. We now have a total of 123 clinicians working in IVF and Women’s Ultrasound.

Our doctor engagement results were the best they have ever been. We recorded an engagement score of 61%, defined as a culture of success. This demonstrates more than ever that our doctors are strong advocates for Monash IVF.

Our clinicians, in collaboration with our scientists have led the way in continuing to improve our success rates year-on-year. This has been achieved through meticulous continuous improvement and implementation of best clinical practice in all of our clinics in Australia and Malaysia.

We have further invested in time lapse incubators to improve embryo and gamete culture systems and PIEZO ICSI technology to improve fertilisation rates in our science laboratories.

The Monash Research and Education Fund (MREF) distributed over $400K of research grants to projects led by our clinicians, scientists and nurses. In total our clinicians lead a spend of over $2.5 million dollars in research and development activities to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of reproductive healthcare.

Our State Medical Directors in both IVF and Women’s Ultrasound continued to lead our clinical policy response to the fast changing COVID-19 circumstances, to ensure the health of our people and patients was maintained. It was a significant achievement to keep our services running continuously in Victoria during the four month long lockdown.

A special mention also to all clinical teams in our Women’s Ultrasound Clinics who led our people to remain open throughout the pandemic to provide critical pregnancy scan services whilst public hospital services were unable to due to COVID response priorities.

The importance Monash IVF Group holds for its doctor partnerships and the significant investment of resources that will continue to be made in initiatives to improve the ability of our clinicians to provide the absolute best care for their patients, will ensure we continue to onboard doctors into the Monash IVF team through both the acquisition of fully qualified practitioners and through our own state based CREI trainee programs.