Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

Financial Reports

Financial Overview



26.3% on FY20

Adjusted EBITDA


37.1% on FY20

Adjusted NPAT


61.5% on FY20

Adjusted EBIT


42.6% on FY20

Reported EBITDA


56.2% on FY20

Reported NPAT


116.9% on FY20

FY21 Profit & Loss Overview

Adjusted ($m)
% Change
Group Revenue183.6145.426.3%
Adjusted EBITDA 1,247.734.837.1%
Adjusted EBIT 1,234.824.442.6%
Adjusted NPAT 1,2,323.314.461.5%
Reported ($m)
% Change
EBITDA 151.332.856.2%
Depreciation & amortisation(12.9)(11.0)(17.3%)
Net finance costs(2.5)(5.7)(56.1%)
Profit before tax35.916.1123.0%
Income tax expense(10.4)(4.4)(136.4%)
NPAT 325.511.8116.9%

1. Non-IFRS measure
2. Refer to page 29 for reconciliation of Reported EBITDA, EBIT and NPAT to Adjusted EBITDA, EBIT and NPAT
3. NPAT including minority interest

FY21 Cash flow Overview

% Change
Reported EBITDA51.332.856.4%
Movement in working capital2.6(100.0%)
Income taxes paid(7.2)(4.3)(67.4%)
Net operating cash flow (post tax)
Capital expenditure(10.0)(7.5)(33.3%)
Payments for businesses/minority interest(1.3)(3.1)58.1%
Cash flow from investing activities(11.3)(10.6)(6.6%)
Free cash flow 132.820.560.0%
Proceeds from issue of shares77.5100%
Dividends paid(13.1)(7.1)(84.5%)
Interest on borrowings(0.7)(3.5)80.0%
Payment of lease liabilities(7.6)(7.2)(5.6%)
Proceeds/(repayment) of borrowings(17.7)(69.7)74.6%
Cash flow from financing activities(39.1)(9.7)(303%)
Net cash flow movement(6.3)10.8(158%)
Closing cash balance8.815.1(41.7%)

1. Free cash flow is Net Operating cash flow (post-tax) less cash flow from investing activities

Financial Reports

Directors Report (including Remuneration Report)

Auditors Independence Declaration

Corporate Governance Statement

Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements

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