Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

Patient Experience

Delivering best in class patient experience

Providing truly empathetic and supportive patient centred care continues to be the absolute priority for our organisation. This was even more important during the last 18 months as patients felt the stress and uncertainty brought about by COVID-19.

The feedback from our patients confirms that our patient care teams responded to their need for increased support incredibly well. Patients identified fertility nurse support and scientific expertise as key strengths in FY21.

Our strong Group Net Promotor Score of Net Promotor Score of 65% up from 58.5% on the previous year, in what has been an incredibly challenging year, also demonstrates how we are continuing to improve patient satisfaction.

This year we continued to make strong inroads into evolving and improving the patient experience. A number of key improvement initiatives were delivered including:

  • Implementing a sophisticated Customer Experience Management platform that will deliver stronger analytical capabilities, artificial intelligence and multi-channel integration into our patient experience measurement system. This in turn will result in stronger insights and prioritisation of the most important improvement opportunities across the entire patient experience.
  • Opening a best-in-class full-service clinic in Sydney CBD, offering the best in empathetic and supportive patient centred care.
  • Launching a web-based Patient Onboarding System in our South Australian business.
  • Implementing a new phone system into our Sydney Ultrasound for Women business to streamline calls and improve the patient booking experience.
  • Trialling the digitisation of the patient registration process in Victoria.
  • Increasing our nursing and administration resourcing to adjust to increased patient demand.
  • Launching a new website to provide better access, information and support to new and existing patients throughout their journey.
  • Introducing an online donor portal enabling patients to view donor listings and select their preferred donors.
  • Introducing a new patient companion handbook in Victoria to assist patients to better understand and navigate their journey.