Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

People Engagement

Monash IVF Group’s Employee Value Proposition is ‘Together we lead the evolution of care’ and in the past year our employees responded with commitment to ensure we continued to deliver just that.

Throughout the year, we remained focused on the health and wellbeing challenges arising from the pandemic, including education and resources to support both physical and mental health of our people.

We have embraced new ways of working that support our people through the challenges of COVID 19. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have focused on embedding Our Principles and adapting to new ways of working. Our hybrid working policy has enabled our people to be flexible where possible and our COVID 19 Leave Policy, including vaccination leave, has ensured that we continue to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our people.

A team that is undoubtedly proud of the successes we achieve.

Our annual Employee Engagement Survey provides us with valuable insights into how our people experience working with us, including what we are doing well and where we need to focus our efforts to make improvements. The strength of our culture was recognised in 2021 with a record engagement score of 61%, the highest ever achieved in Monash IVF Group’s history.

This year the survey indicated that our people have a strong alignment to our strategic vision and our principles and values and enjoy working with their talented and caring colleagues. They see an opportunity for improvement in how we support the changing environment, as well as how we respond to the increasing workload. Our teams recognised and valued the strong communication and responsiveness relative to COVID 19.

Enabling dynamic workplaces for those driven to make a difference

Our people and culture strategy recognises that by optimising our workforce and empowering our people we are able to advance science and specialised services, improve care and enhance communication. We continue to evolve our Learning & Development Framework to facilitate formal and informal training solutions with over 1,445 active learning modules, aligned to individual and specialised learning pathways for all of our people, ensuring individual and organisational growth and development.

    Our People Are

    Brave and

    Curious and

    Driven and

    Kind and

    Our Diversity & Inclusion Council

    Monash IVF Group supports a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee feels valued and respected– a place where every employee can bring their whole self to work every day. Diversity is about celebrating individual differences and acknowledging the unique blend of knowledge, skills and perspectives our people bring to the workplace. Inclusion is about empowering our people to contribute their skills and perspectives to benefit our organisational performance and allow us to achieve our mission to lead the future of reproductive care.

    The more we collaborate and value differences, the closer we get to living a truly inclusive community.

    In 2021 Monash IVF Group took positive steps relative to our diversity and inclusion strategy with the establishment of our first Diversity and Inclusion Council. This council chaired by three Executive members, plays a key role in identifying and driving strategic initiatives that make Monash IVF Group a greater place to work. We foster an environment where different perspectives can be harnessed for both our employees and, of course, our patients. The council will continue to work with key partners to champion, monitor and deliver on these key initiatives.