Monash IVF Group Annual Report 2021

Scientific Leadership

Monash IVF Group is committed to providing industry leading success rates coupled with innovative technology and research to ensure our patients have the highest possible chance of a successful outcome.

Monash IVF Group has a unified scientific leadership team led by the Group Scientific Advisory Committee (GSAC) which drives our scientific best practice, world class research and new technology implementation.

In FY21 the GSAC (comprised of the Scientific Director team: A/Prof Deirdre Zander-Fox, A/Prof Hassan Bakos, A/ Prof Yanhe Liu, A/Prof Mark Green, Dr Leanne Pacella-Ince and Ms Jean Scott,) has continued to focus on improving IVF success rates across all of our clinics by further aligning and optimising our scientific protocols. In addition, strong attention was paid to updating our equipment portfolio as well as completing laboratory end-to-end reviews.

FY21 also saw the launch of Government facilitated success rates published through the YourIVF Success Rates website. Monash IVF Group was strongly represented as being in the top echelon of Australian clinics.

In addition to continual improvement on success rates the following were undertaken in FY21:

  • Setting up exemplary COVID-19-safe measures to ensure optimal patient outcomes coupled with protection of our scientific workforce. This included having rigorous procedures for our operating scientific teams to prevent staff crossover and ensure continuity of laboratory operations, with minimal disruption to patients.
  • Launch of a premium laboratory in Sydney CBD, complete with state of- the-art technology (time lapse technology, vapour cryo-storage facilities and full integration with operating theatres and transfer suites).
  • Participation in the Vitrolife Embryomap ß-trial in preparation for the introduction of a next generation PGT-A platform, with increased throughput capacity coupled with reduced hands-on time.
  • Roll-out of the Monash IVF Group National Journal Club, as well as Group-wide scientific workshops and courses to continue to foster scientific education, engagement and training across all laboratories.
  • Submission and acceptance for presentation of 21 scientific abstracts at national and international conferences, reinforcing our emphasis on science driven patient care and outcomes.
Success Rates have
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